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A snippet of sorrow…

I struggle with depression and I’m sore from the reeling
The impact’s like Boston; it’s more than a feeling.
Feel my soul peeling and my marrow is cold
guess it’s part of my being, twenty-seven years old.

fold like a house of cards, it happens in a second.
go from king of the world, to totally irreverent.
This sediment is shaking under my feet
Or is that only my impression, cause my knees are so weak?

Oh God, I need you now, if you don’t show, then I die.
I’m a fraud, holy cow, I’ve been livin a lie
How long has this been happenin? I’m broken by self.
I’ve got no ledge, forget knowledge as I look into hell.

This thing between my legs has got me livin a slave
I hear thunder from my blunders as I’m walkin in graves
I’m sure it’s only moments till I’m facin my death
Then at the last second, Theopneustos fill my lungs fresh.

B. Durazzo – Beats Vol. 2

Last year I discovered the instrumental hip-hop that is B. Durazzo. If you haven’t seen my previous post, here you go. Not one to disappoint he has released yet another album, ‘Beats Vol. 2′. This album is just as excellent as his previous works and Durazzo even managed to create three new tracks (Deaf Proof, Catacombs and Fat Lip) that are quickly becoming some of my favorite instrumentals among greats like MF Doom, RJD2, Blockhead and El-P. Take a listen and then go grab a copy of his album over at Bandcamp.

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Top 10 Albums Of 2012

Top 10 Albums of 2012 graphic

As fitting for the end of 2012, I have compiled a list of my top 10 albums of the year (in no particular order). Some were widely successful throughout the Christian hip-hop community, while others were personal favorites of mine. Either way, they all had a great impact on me this year for one reason or another. Also, I have included a list of honorable mentions at the bottom of this list that, although they didn’t make the top 10, should definitely be experienced.

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Perspective…From A Redeemed Madman.

We all know what happened last week in Connecticut. Since the shooting, I keep hearing comments like “how could he do that?”, “what would lead him to kill his own family?”, “He must have been filled with hate to shoot his mother in her face.”, etc. This is where nearly everyone is currently and the general American thought is shock, fear, a lack of safety and bewilderment in regards to how a young man could kill his own mother and then kill numerous innocent children while looking at them. So, with all that being said, please allow me to explain from a redeemed madman’s perspective.

You see in 2005 I was exposed to the gospel of Christ. Furthermore, God was gracious in not only allowing me understand the gospel, but also giving me faith. Many who know me these days, only know the Christian Chris. They know the logical/rational and “religious” person. The person that very few people know is the grown boy I was before I came to know Christ. The ‘man’ that was fully out of his mind, obsessed with conspiracy theories, full of rage, hatred, wishing to do harm to others. This was a ‘man’ completely obsessed with violence. This is not the “man” I am proud of. In fact, I am deeply ashamed that at any given point of time, this is who I was. Nonetheless, this IS who I was. More »

Asheesh – As The World Burns

‘As The World Burns’ is off Asheesh’s soon to be released mixtape entitled ‘The Answer To Our Problem’.

Find Asheesh online: