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War Records – Waging War Sampler

War Records Waging War cover artSo, I saw this mentioned numerous times recently and didn’t give it more than a cursory overview, that was a HUGE mistake. This is an underground gem to say the least. From the first to the last track this album drew me in to the stories and imagery, smacked me upside my head with the rhyme schemes and spoke to some important theological issues. Waging War really caught me off guard and has made me a fan of this new label. I CAN NOT wait to see how these guys continue to develop the label and their music. I’m SOLD!

I can’t say there was a single throwaway track on the whole album, but these are the top five songs that really hit me from this underground excursion.

Man Of War – War Records

The album opens with Man Of War ripping into this track with little delay. Any album that starts like this immediately has my attention. Waging War is right. MOW goes off right from the jump. “Come, come, come get it when I rip it, never quit it cause I’ve been around for a couple of rounds, the underground that I pound with(?) this mic with this sound is quite unique, extinct believe me.” and that’s just 13 seconds in.

Hyborian Warriors – Gospel

First of all, let me just mention this beat by Glitchy Valens. Deep, heartwrenching, dark, soulful. Hyborian Warriors consists of Sintax The Terrific, Man Of War and Absent Minded. This is by far my favorite track on the album. I’ve heard a number of artists in the Christian hip-hop community go for a dark backpacker vibe like this, but rarely (very rarely) do they ever pull it off. This reminds me of something from the Oldominion crew. The first track that would come to mind would be Soul Catcher by Sleep. Then come in the lyrics; yeah, that’s the sauce. I don’t think I would do it justice typing it out, so I’ve included the track below.

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“In a place that’s Godless, I turn out the same as my faceless fathers,…sipped from the bottle I promised to God I would never imbibe with,…Tryin to fight my humanity, just proven total depravity.”

Team Omega – Glock Jaw

Woooh! This is some FIRE! I first heard this awhile back on the Sphere Of Hip-Hop Daily Download Podcast and it has stayed in numerous playlists over the past 6 months or so. Team Omega is Paradox, Phynite, Man Of War & Arkamedes. Rob Viktum provided the beat for this one with Shortop providing the cuts. Paradox as usual kills his verse and sets the bar high for everyone after him. I suggest heading over to SOHH at your earliest convenience (see: now) and downloading this track.

“Walking contradiction like a well payed reverend. Prepped to wreck the set like a 12 guage weapon. So tell me how that shell casing metal tastes brethren. Set em straight with grace and faith up in the double pump. In case the trouble comes, i know that i can open wide my grill to kill with the skills provided by the most on high”

Lee Green – The Blood

In July of last year I ran across The Rep and in turn Lee Green. Everything I’ve heard from him since then has locked me in; dude’s a monster. Green raps, sings and drops some reggae hooks here and there. With that being said, I was tempted to jump directly to his tracks, but held off and listened through the album first; I was not disappointed. LG brings a heavily focused gospel track about the effective work and offer of Christ’s blood.

“Repent and turn from the wrong faith, lifted upon grace, blood drippin from God’s waist, the yolk is easy beloved, sin is the hard place. Come home, all of heaven’s wishin you don’t wait.”

Reveal & Upright ft. Emcee Noiz, Melodic – A Good Day

After listening to Reveal’s last album a couple dozen times and finding out he represents Victorville, I have been waiting for him to drop some new tracks. I had heard he grew a lot since the last album and I agree. A Good Day, is a really chill sounding track and brings in the hook early on. Today’s a good day, today’s a good day to die…wait what? Nice. Reveal drops some nice lines and punches as does Emcee Noiz. The whole track is dope. Upright produced a sick beat and the Wu sample Dj Codak is cuttin up at the end is pure fire.

“The last evil emcee I found in my yard saw a gang of stars, like Guru. Brutally marred by your religious coocoo. They say he hasn’t been the same since I left him with booboos. My anointing smash on your juju.”

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  • paradox

    yo, thanks for giving this a push and for giving my verse some love… it’s much appreciated. the entire team omega album should be dope. as for the one line, it’s:

    “in case the trouble comes, i know that i can open wide my grill to kill with the skills provided by the most on high…”

    God bless.

    • cghearn

      Thanks for the comment and the correction as well. I’ll fix that. I can’t wait for the Team Omega album to release.

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  • arkamedes

    and don’t forget Shortop on the cuts for Team Omega. Thanks for the love homie!

    • arkamedes

      ohhhhh I need to read it closer. Did not see his name at first glance. My bad.

      • cghearn

        No problem, bro. Thanks for commenting. :)

  • Isaac

    Absent Minded will be at Palmer High School in Colorado Springs on November 9! Hit me up at if maybe you can make it out!