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Top 10 Albums Of 2012

Top 10 Albums of 2012 graphic

As fitting for the end of 2012, I have compiled a list of my top 10 albums of the year (in no particular order). Some were widely successful throughout the Christian hip-hop community, while others were personal favorites of mine. Either way, they all had a great impact on me this year for one reason or another. Also, I have included a list of honorable mentions at the bottom of this list that, although they didn’t make the top 10, should definitely be experienced.

Beautiful Eulogy - Satellite Kite cover art

Beautiful Eulogy
Satellite Kite

Favorite Songs:
Anchor, Satellite Kite, Wonderful, Surrender, Beautiful Eulogy

Why this album?
Albums come along from time to time that are truly unique. It’s not often, but when it happens, you know. Something about it resonates with my soul, twists my ear and gives me a new perspective on what music (in this case hip-hop) can be.

It’s the type of album that is so distinct, it causes me to weigh every album in the future against it. It becomes a cornerstone of art and an opulent gem to be treasured. Satellite Kite is this kind of album.

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Propaganda - Excellent cover art


Favorite Songs:
Don’t Listen To Me, Excellent, Raise The Banner, Precious Puritans, Forgive Me For Asking, I Ain’t Got An Answer, Warm Words, Lofty

Why this album?
Usually when an album comes out that really hits me, I do an album review (or what I would like to call an album review), but I think this time around I will do something a little different. You see I’ve noticed what I have done more often recently is not so much an album review, but more of a listening session and although if you’re reading this, you have at least a moderate level of interest in what I’m saying, I don’t think it would be profitable.

You might be wondering why that is, well here is my reasoning. I don’t think I can vocalize the emotions, thoughts and concerns over my own doctrinal comfort zones to succinctly and accurately reflect this album in a way that communicates my heart honestly. I will try to elaborate on some areas where this album exceeded even my deepest expectations for an album, but in short, this album is (properly named) Excellent.

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Alex Faith - Honest 2 God cover art

Alex Faith
Honest 2 God

Favorite Songs:
Intro, Have It All, Can’t Fake It, Video Games, Dreams, Remember The Rain, Honest 2 God

Why this album?
This mixtape hit a unique niche as soon as it dropped; honest, high-quality and incredible production (via Wit). I was previously unaware of Alex Faith before this project was released, but the moment I finished the mixtape, I started burning copies, got them in as many hands as possible and was quick to snatch up anything Collision put out.

This is easily the most surprising project I ran into this year and I’m looking forward to WLAK and the future of Collision Records.

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Sean Little - VS cover art

Sean Little

Favorite Songs:
Zenith, Sunshine, Shame, Blow Your Mind, Simple, Moment, Losing You

Why this album?
Not only is this an excellent album full of deep content, personal insight and grown-folk features, but the album also comes with all of the instrumentals as well. More and more artists seem to be doing this and I for one am pretty ecstatic about it. Not only is it nice to be able to listen to the instrumental album by itself, but I hope this prompts younger artists and listeners to appreciate something that frequently gets overlooked; DJ’s and production. Many have come to see a beat as nothing more than a means to an end; simply a background for an emcee to speak. We have a younger generation that would not only completely miss the talent and the point behind classics like ‘Eye of the Cyklops‘, ‘Music By Cavelight‘ or ‘Deadringer‘, but would deem them worthless. In the midst of a generation obsessed with swag, it seems the tides may be turning towards an appreciation of the art of hip-hop and the golden era again. Or at least that’s what I like to think…

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B.Durazzo - Beats 1 ½ cover art

Beats Vol 1 ½

Favorite Songs:
The Sickness, Heavy Set, Goodbye Blue Monday, Cunning, Debacle, Dream

Why this album?
So, recently I was on Soundcloud checking my feed and noticed that Lee Green (Humble Beast) had favorited a couple tracks by this guy (who at the time, I was completely unfamiliar with) B.DURAZZO. Since, I really respect Lee Green as an artist, I thought I would check out what B.DURAZZO sounded like; in short, I was blown away.

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Through Hymn – On Word and Sacrament cover art

Through Hymn
On Word and Sacrament

Favorite Songs:
Justification by Faith Alone, The German Reformation (1517-30), Consubstantiation (Lutheran), Symbolic Memorialism (Zwinglian), Baptism as a Means of Grace, The Synod of Dort (1618-19)

Why this album?
Through Hymn is a rare artist. His albums cover and dig deep into hearty theological subjects, events and expose false doctrines. His work is top notch and not someone to sleep on if you enjoy deep, content driven hip-hop, hold to reformed theology and/or enjoy lyrical theology. Take a moment to listen and then head over to Bandcamp to download his work for free.

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JGivens - #occupyMondays cover art


Favorite Songs:
Kill Bill Collectors, ‘But You Ain’t Got No Legs, Lieutenant Dan’, Roll Rock Skate, Hungry 2.0, Freedom RMX

Why this album?
JGivens has the rare ability to speak about biblical, Christian and evangelistic topics without seeming preachy or over the top. Along with talent I really dug the way this album was released as a weekly track with the hashtag #occupyMondays, then compiled and placed into a full album.

“God camouflaged in these bars like cephalopods
But maybe not, ’cause we obviously reppin’ the cause
To see the Gospel in everything
We checkin’ the stars
Even creation in itself testifies there’s a God

Now wait, hey what’s that God’s name?
It’s Yeshua the Christ, the Living Water,
One with the Father, the Way
In His ocean, man, we’re coastin’ and floatin’ on one name
Inviting you to come to wade, Lebron James.”

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The Darke Bros - The Darke Bros cover art

The Darke Bros
The Darke Bros

Favorite Songs:
The Way I Cry, Mind Bender, I Know, Back And Forth, She’s Gone, The Struggle, Hurt, Hold On, Drowning Man, Winding Down, Poverty Experience

Why this album?
Overall, the album is lyrically exquisite, content driven, theme focused and instrumentally diverse without straying from the concept of the album. There isn’t a single filler track, but certainly some tracks that struck home more than others. The album is full without being drawn out, coming in at just under 59 minutes. Definitely worth the purchase and another great addition to the Illect catalog. Thank you Cas and Wonder for this album.

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Ackdavis - Downtime II Mixtape cover art

Downtime II Mixtape

Favorite Songs:
Listen, Ink, Grassroots, Take Notice, Light Of Day, Interlude 1, Green, Rain, Interlude 2, Remember, Suncloud, See The Glory, Word Up, Lyrically Speaking, Big Money, Be A Problem

Why this album?
This album had me lured from beginning to end. Ackdavis speaks to a number of topics that are rarely addressed in a deeply convicting way. Not only is the spiritual content there, but Ack is one of the nicest lyricists in Christian hip-hop IMO. Although it received numerous blog mentions and some social media attention, I feel this album was/is slept on HEAVILY.

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S.O. - So It Continues cover art

S.O. – So It Continues
Downtime II Mixtape

Favorite Songs:

Why this album?
After S.O.’s last album, ‘So It Begins’, I have been a big fan. I am glad to see UK artists start to get more shine in the US. Not only that, but S.O. is an exceptional story teller and lyricist. In So It Continues, S.O. covers topics from the hurt of his dad dying at a young age to evangelism to bearing up under the pressure of the Christian life. S.O. is one of those artists that feels like you’re listening to a good friend tell a story and we could use more of that in hip-hop.

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Honorable Mentions:
The following albums were exceptionally good, but in an effort to keep the list to 10, I have relegated them to honorable mentions.

Relic – Miles To Go
Bridge B – Quixtape
Josh Garrels – Love & War & The Sea In Between
Theory Hazit – Thr3e
JusThoughtz – JOTS
Taelor Gray – Hopeless Romantic
Nomis – Searching For Alpha Trion
Datin – Turn It Off Vol. 1
Skrip – The Underscore

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