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B. Durazzo – Beats Vol. 2

Last year I discovered the instrumental hip-hop that is B. Durazzo. If you haven’t seen my previous post, here you go. Not one to disappoint he has released yet another album, ‘Beats Vol. 2′. This album is just as excellent as his previous works and Durazzo even managed to create three new tracks (Deaf Proof, Catacombs and Fat Lip) that are quickly becoming some of my favorite instrumentals among greats like MF Doom, RJD2, Blockhead and El-P. Take a listen and then go grab a copy of his album over at Bandcamp.

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  • SubudObama

    Black Obama, dark magic, jewels and the mysterious backstage power
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    The trishul is a trident, like the figure in Obama’s hand holds in it’s left hand.
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