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A snippet of sorrow…

I struggle with depression and I’m sore from the reeling
The impact’s like Boston; it’s more than a feeling.
Feel my soul peeling and my marrow is cold
guess it’s part of my being, twenty-seven years old.

fold like a house of cards, it happens in a second.
go from king of the world, to totally irreverent.
This sediment is shaking under my feet
Or is that only my impression, cause my knees are so weak?

Oh God, I need you now, if you don’t show, then I die.
I’m a fraud, holy cow, I’ve been livin a lie
How long has this been happenin? I’m broken by self.
I’ve got no ledge, forget knowledge as I look into hell.

This thing between my legs has got me livin a slave
I hear thunder from my blunders as I’m walkin in graves
I’m sure it’s only moments till I’m facin my death
Then at the last second, Theopneustos fill my lungs fresh.

  • SubudObama

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